Clean your bathroom with Remedi Pure

Effectively Cleaning Your Bathroom with Remedi Pure Ethyl Alcohol

The season for gathering is nearly upon us.

Holiday celebrations are meant to bring joy into your home. Perhaps you’re planning for friends and family to visit from out of town. But of course, as people filter in and out, you can expect them to leave behind some unwanted guests in the form of germs and viruses.

So if you haven’t yet, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday deep clean.  

Our Remedi Pure Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol solution is made with 70% alcohol to kill harmful germs, bacteria, and prevent the spread of infection. The solution is a perfect multi-purpose disinfectant and antiseptic. So, grab your gallon and head to the commode.

Let’s Get Your Bathroom Clean in 5 Quick Steps

1. Don’t Dilute

Most people assume they need to heavily dilute alcohol before using it to clean surfaces. When you’re using alcohol to disinfect, it’s important not to dilute it beyond what’s recommended by the CDC for killing germs. Alcohol’s effectiveness at killing germs, “drops sharply when diluted below 50% concentration,” and the optimal concentration for killing bacteria is between 60 to 90 percent, according to the CDC. 

2. Grab Your Gloves

There’s a reason you’re cleaning your bathroom. You expect nasty pathogens and bacteria to be lurking around, so why clean with bare hands? You’re taking the chance of directly infecting yourself. 

By wearing gloves, you’re preventing the spread of germs to other parts of the bathroom, different areas of the house and protecting yourself. Our Nitrile disposable gloves fit tightly on the fingers and palms, and are designed with textured fingertips for better grip. They are powder-free to eliminate residue and ideal for cleaning work. 

When you’re done scrubbing, just toss them out (and the germs right along with them).

3. Focus on High Contact Areas

It’s important, especially during cold and flu season, that you disinfect frequently touched surface areas. You can use Remedi Pure Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol on bathroom counters, the toilet, around the sink and faucet, door knobs and light switches. During the winter months, doctors recommend you disinfect these areas of your bathroom on a daily basis.

Keep in mind, ethyl alcohol may damage finished surfaces. Do not use on painted, treated wood, or varnished surfaces to avoid causing damage. To use as a disinfectant: fill a spray bottle, spray the frequently touched surfaces generously, let sit for 1-2 minutes while germs are killed, and wipe down with a sterile cloth, dry sponge, or clean paper towel.

4. Clean the Tub and Shower

Hey, bath lovers! Did you know there are about 200,000 bacteria per square inch in your tub? 

To make matters worse, bathtubs rarely dry out completely, making them breeding grounds for unseen bacteria. So if you’re planning for guests this winter, use Remedi Pure Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol to disinfect your bathtub and shower. This is especially important if you have little children in your home taking frequent baths. Regularly disinfecting your bath not only kills bacteria and viruses, but it also helps keep your tub from mold and soap scum buildup. After disinfecting, make sure to rinse well with hot water.

5. Sweep, Then Scrub

Sweeping gets rid of the dust, dirt particles and hair that naturally accumulate on the floor of your bathroom. If you skip this step, and jump right to washing the floors, you’re going to be moving around wet clumps of dust, dirt and hair (eww).

Sweep away the mess first, and then use a disinfecting cleaner to wash the floors. Make sure to dry the floor with a towel when you’re finished.


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